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a-squared Anti-Malware 4.5

2 combined scanners for cleaning: Anti-Virus + Anti-Malware
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a-squared Anti-Malware is a useful and very powerful software which will keep your pc clean and safe against all threats. It is an intelligent program which detects and blocks trojans, worms, viruses, hijackers and other suspicious malware. Its importance resides in that it is working all the time, automatically detecting processes which seem not secure. The main window will show you the security status where you can enable or stop some actions carried on by the program. Among the main functions, a-squared- Anti-Malware has Onexecution scan, that is to say, it scans while you work; automatic identification of malware, surf protection, and more. Of course, you can schedule scannings at your please. You can decide when to run a scan and which parts of the system are to be scanned. Moreover, you are allowed to put files on quarantine, see a list of logged malware and decide to delete them or not. The options are unlimited and you have total control of the action in course. Alerts will keep you informed of new threats being blocked. Work safely and without being worried about new suspicious processes trying to ruin your work, especially, if you are continuously downloading things from the web or working online. Put your worries aside with a-squared Anti-Malware!

Juan Morán
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  • Total protection, real time detection of malware, works silently


  • It does not show the scanning process, some applications are only for advanced users, not so easy to manage
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